Amazon Baby Registry Gems We Found So You Don't Have To

Amazon baby registries are key to convenient shopping.

An Amazon baby registry is a total win because you don't have to leave your couch to set it up. And, friends and family will thank you for allowing them to order gifts from the comfort of their own homes. Nonetheless, an Amazon baby registry can feel daunting to create because practically every baby item in existence is available at your fingertips. And, without physical aisles for you to waddle down, you might not be sure what's out there. Honestly, it’s far too easy to spend a ton of time clicking through all the suggestions. Not to mention the sea of available brands to navigate.

Rather than register for everything under the sun on your Amazon baby registry, it's better to hone in on what you’ll really need, and also snag some items that may be hard to find in your local stores. Sound like a huge research project? It's easier with help. First, narrow down what you'll actually need for your Amazon baby registry. Instead of registering for everything cute you see, figure out the necessities. Sticking to what you’ll need in the first few months can be a good way to narrow down your Amazon baby registry.

As you create your Amazon baby registry, think through the main categories in newborn care: travel, sleep, feeding/diapering, bathing/clothing, and mom essentials. If you brainstorm one at a time, you’ll be less likely to miss anything. And, if you happen to forget something on your registry? Don’t worry. Amazon Prime shipping will still exist after you bring home your baby. Ready to dive in? Let’s start by taking a look at the free welcome box you'll receive after you set up your Amazon baby registry and make a $10 purchase.

Amazon Baby Registry Gems: Sleep Products

You don't need us to tell you that sleep is about to become more precious. While everyone likes to talk about "sleeping like a baby," the reality is most new babies wake frequently throughout the night, leaving parents short on much-needed rest. Accordingly, you're going to want to prepare for sleep on your Amazon baby registry. First, decide where you're going to put your baby to sleep when you first get home from the hospital. For some families, this means the crib from day one, for others, this means a bassinet, travel crib, or in-bed sleeping solution. And, as you'll quickly discover as a new parent, you may need multiple options available because babies don't always follow your plans.

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock (Silver Lining)

Amazon, $185

If I could turn back time, this is the product I needed for my first child. For families who think they might co-sleep, DockATot offers a safe solution. The lounger gives baby a breathable, non-toxic nest to sleep snuggly next to parents, while reducing the risks associated with bed sharing. And, if you think you're not going to co-sleep, keep an open mind. I hadn't planned to share my bed with my first child but it ended up becoming the only way we all got to sleep. For my second child, I was prepared with a DockATot and was definitely impressed by the comfort and quality. Nonetheless, my youngest liked the Dock-A-Tot in her bassinet but hated co-sleeping in our bed. Go figure.

SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby

Amazon, $1495

Okay, we know this one is a splurge, but when you just want to get your baby down and nothing else is working, it might do the trick. Designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, of Happiest Baby on the Block fame, the Snoo will respond to your baby's cries by automatically creating white noise and motion — so you don't have to! It also has a swaddle so your baby feels like he or she is still in the womb. One of our editor's rented a Snoo for her new baby and said it really did help keep her in bed for longer (which is pretty much every new parent's dream). And, according to the product description, the Snoo may boost your baby's sleep by 1-2 hours per day. 

aden + anais Swaddle Baby Blanket, 100% Cotton Muslin, Large 47 X 47 inch, 4-Pack, Birdsong

Amazon, $54.95

Swaddled newborns are generally happier newborns, especially when it comes to sleep. Be sure to include aden + anais swaddle blankets on your Amazon baby registry because they're 100% organic, come in adorable prints, and are the "must-have" brand. Then, when it comes time to buy your own blankets down the road, opt for a less expensive option that's just as soft and cozy after a couple washes, like these. Not only are muslin blankets awesome for swaddling, but they also make great nursing covers and canopies for car seats. Take advantage of your Amazon baby registry to stock up. My four-year-old still insists on going to bed with hers.

The Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion

Amazon, $10.95

This item truly is a gem you might otherwise overlook in a big box store. These cushions quiet the sound of your nursery door opening and closing, helping you sneak out of the room when you've finally gotten your baby to sleep, (or into the room when you need just one more peek). They also come in a variety of cute patterns to fit any nursery theme. And, while we're on the subject of keeping everyone asleep, a white noise machine is another must-have to include for peaceful sleep. We like this one because it also has an adjustable projector that makes a fun nightlight as baby gets older.

Amazon Baby Registry Gems We Found

Amazon Baby Registry Gems: Travel

Thankfully, Amazon has everything you could possibly need for infant travel. In addition to a car seat, you'll want to think about your stroller and baby carrier options for when you're out and about. Even if you don't think you'll use both, it's good to keep an open mind about what will work for your family in the real world. And, chances are, you'll want more than one stroller, so your Amazon baby registry is a great spot to pick up a few. Last of all, don't forget the accessories. Mirrors that let you see baby while you're driving are a parent favorite, as well as backseat organizers to at least attempt to keep your car clean. And, depending on your climate, car seat covers can keep your child's seat cooler in the heat.

Britax B-Safe Gen2 Infant Car Seat

Amazon, $199.99

A solid infant carseat choice is the Britax B-Safe Gen2. Britax has eliminated the most worrisome flame retardants and tops the list of least toxic options for your baby. It also gets fantastic reviews online. And, having used this seat for my youngest child, I can attest it's made better than many of the other options out there. It's easy to install and easy to use. My only complaint is that it felt heavy to carry, but they're all pretty heavy. On the plus side, the solid construction made me feel good about the safety of the seat. Moreover, my daughter seemed more comfortable in this seat than the one we used with our first child.

Baby Jogger 2019 City Mini 2 Single Stroller

Amazon, $249.99

There's no shortage of stroller options out there, and quite honestly, there are a ton of good choices. Having tried a few, the City Mini remains my favorite. It's relatively lightweight for its class, folds easily, and maneuvers well. Moreover, it's not hard to carry when it's collapsed, and it fits well through doorways and aisles. Best of all, it grows with your child. Start with a car seat adapter (search by brand) to attach your infant car seat. Then, continue to enjoy this stroller for the first couple years of your child's life. While this is our vote for best universal stroller option, we also recommend considering an umbrella stroller for quick trips and travel, and a jogging stroller for taking long walks or runs. 

Amazon Baby Registry Gems We Found

Amazon Baby Registry Gems: Feeding And Diapering

When you have a baby, a lot of stages lie ahead. While it can be tempting to worry about being prepared for everything at once, it's better to think broad. So, start with a high chair, throw in some bibs and utensils, and include bottles and breastfeeding items, like a pump and nursing pillow. And, be sure to check what type of pump your insurance provides before choosing one for your registry. Also, don't forget the diapers. You're likely to receive quite a few boxes of diapers if you include a raffle at your shower(s). And, word to the wise, instead of selecting one brand to include, throw a couple different types and sizes on your list. You never know exactly which brand is going to work for your kid until they've arrived.

Waterproof Silicone Bib Set

Amazon, $18.97

It's nice to include an assortment of options at different price points on your Amazon baby registry. And, waterproof silicone bibs offer friends and family something inexpensive to buy. These bibs are great because they wipe clean and can be rolled up to fit in your diaper bag. Moreover, unlike the hard plastic versions, they are more comfortable for baby because they aren't so rigid. Likewise, they won't stain like the cloth alternatives. And, you're going to be using these for a couple years, so they're a smart purchase to include.

Baltic Amber Necklace And Bracelet Gift Set 

Amazon, $21.99

While we're on the subject of eating, we might as well talk teeth. Getting teeth is not fun for anyone involved, however, this cute gift set is fun. If you haven't heard about amber teething necklaces yet, you will hear about them once you have a baby. They're supposed to help soothe teething pain. While the jury is out on whether they work, they are cute and trendy. And, regardless of what you think now, you're going to want one when you're looking for something to help your fussy baby. You might as well get someone else to buy one for you. 

WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Amazon, $40.84

You should register for the things you're really going to need. Wipes definitely make this list and WaterWipes are the ideal brand to use on your newborn. With just two ingredients, your baby is unlikely to become irritated when using these wipes. Surprisingly, many of the other wipe brands out there include soaps, perfumes and other irritants that can cause rashes on sensitive skin. Skip the heartache and go straight to the good stuff with these natural wipes. And, don't forget to throw in a variety of diapers while you're at it. Oh yes, and diaper cream.

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System

Amazon, $154.88 

Hands down, this is the high chair I wish I'd had for both my children. While we stuck with the hand-me-down we received, I was always envious of friends with this chair. The main reason? The 6 functions for the various stages your child will go through before graduating to a big kid chair, (this seat even includes a booster!). So, do yourself a favor and put it on your Amazon baby registry. You won't regret it. Truly. It will last through the first few years of your child's life, which is downright amazing for a baby product.

Amazon Baby Registry Gems We Found

Don't Forget The Other Categories For Your Amazon Baby Registry

While we highlighted gems from multiple categories, there are some areas we left off our list, including bathing, clothing, and mom essentials. When it comes to bathing, remember the tub, towels, and baby wash. For clothing, keep it simple. Friends and family are going to buy you cute baby clothes, no matter what you add to your Amazon baby registry. And, when you get to mom essentials, try to think about what you'll need to take care of your body postpartum, as well as what you'll need to maintain your sanity. After all, those baby swings and bouncers are just as much about you having a moment's peace as they are about keeping your baby happy. Good luck and don't forget to relax. There will be time to stock up on anything you forget. We promise.

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